Medical Billing & Coding Services

If you are taking the time to read this brochure then you have taken the first step towards taking control of that part of your medical practice that you know best caring for your patients in an effective and efficient manner. Healthcare changes daily. Nothing is routine any longer. The days where insurance billing and collections were a simple part of your medical practice are gone. HPMG offers you the flexibility and autonomy to return to basics and practice medicine while we work to manage the billing, accounts receivable, insurance follow-up, financial reporting and even the purchasing for your medical practice. We offer you the ability to improve your profit margin by streamlining and eliminating inefficient billing, poor insurance follow-up, administrative overhead and high supply costs while improving remit time and up-front cash collections. We are your partner in business. What are some of the specific opportunities/services available to the medical practice by utilizing the service of HPMG?

State of the Art Information System.

HPMG utilizes a state of the art billing and accounts receivable management system. We provide you with the computer equipment necessary to get the billing process started without the capital costs normally associated with billing systems. This can save the average medical practice $20,000 or more in direct equipment costs and countless thousands more in equipment and software maintenance. When we upgrade our system, the benefits pass directly on to you our customer. In addition to this we utilize state of the art internet purchasing technology that allows HPMG and the physician practice to order online, decreasing ordering costs and improving the turnaround time of our deliveries. We work as one business, using the buying power of many, to offer reduced supply costs to the individual physician practice.

Knowledge, Flexibility, and Expertise.

Our knowledgeable staff of professionals offers years of experience in the medical billing and collection industry. This knowledge and expertise could be very costly to the average physician practice if provided locally within the physician office. We provide your office staff with initial and ongoing education facilitating the use of the billing system.

HPMG is flexible; we shape our relationship with the physician practice, integrating your business policies with ours to allow the physician to maintain autonomy.

HPMG’s management staff provides the expertise necessary to stay abreast with the changing healthcare industry. We offer onsite chart audits, and coding analysis utilizing expert and credentialed medical records professionals. Our performance improvement program incorporates a strong compliance program to ensure that our business and our clients business mee1 federal billing guidelines as mandated by HCFA.

Customer Service.

We care for your patients as if they are our own family. Our courteous staff provides a confidential and professional environment for your patients. We are available any time during business hours to answer their questions over the phone or in person at our office.
The physician is also our customer. Our professionals meet personally with each physician on a regular basis keeping him/her informed as to the status of accounts receivables, practice productivity and collections. We take tremendous pride in providing our customers with prompt, courteous and efficient service.

HPMG offers the physician practice all the luxuries associated with a strong professional staff without the costs associated with maintaining such a staff. Studies published nationally have stated that “inefficient billing methods, poorly trained staff or inadequate supervision can easily cost the physician practice 15 – 20% of potential revenue.”

How can we assist you in making the decision to outsource your medical billing, accounts receivable management and purchasing?

Here are ten questions that we can answer that may help you in making that decision. Receivables Management Group, Inc. published these questions in 1999.

  1. Does the billing service have a commercial street address with regular daily business hours? In recent years, numerous medical billing “business opportunity packages” have received a tremendous amount of publicity. Because of this advertising and perception as “the perfect home-based business” thousands of medical billing services have been opened in the residential setting. Most of these billing companies have been started by individuals with limited if any experience. Most of these endeavors are structured as part-time work-when-you-please basis and go out of business in a few months. The billing service you engage will need to be available on a full-time basis not only to your office, but also to insurance carriers and to patients during normal business hours. Of course, this can best be accomplished in a traditional office setting.
  2. Who is the principal owner/operator of the billing service? What is her background and experience? Cindy Burcham is the  owner of Health Partners Management Group. She has many years of experience plus the staff has nearly 300 years of experience.
  3. In what organizations of the healthcare billing industry does the billing service or its key personnel hold memberships? HealthPartners Management Group is a member of Medical Group Management Association and is in the process of becoming a member of Healthcare Billing and Management Association, which is the flagship organization of the healthcare billing industry
  4. Does the billing service have a business license? A professional liability (errors and omissions) insurance policy designed/or medical billing industry? Health Partners has both important documents. Documentation can be furnished upon request.
  5. What type of software does the billing service use? ProMed Practice Management System whose parent company is VitalWorks.
  6. Who is the billing service ‘s clientele? Three Rivers Health Care, Women’s Health Specialist, Tinsley Medical Clinic, and Pain Management Associates are a sample of HealthPartners Management Group clientele.
  7. How does the billing service charge for its services, and what is included in that price? The most common pricing structure among billing companies is a percentage based on collections, however, there are numerous other methods on which to base pricing structures.
    When evaluating a billing service company for your practice, the old adage, “You get what you pay for” couldn’t be any truer. HealthPartners Management Group is willing to develop any type of pricing structure.
  8. ls the billing service actively engaged in developing and implementing a compliance plan that meets federal guidelines? HealthPartners is currently in the process of developing a compliance plan.
  9. Which local firms does the billing service use for professional legal and accounting advice? HealthPartners Management Group utilizes John Clark of Richardson and Gresham, LLP as legal representation and Paul McWilliams of Kraft, Miles, and Tatum, LLC for accounting advice.
  10. What other services does the outsource hilling company offer that may be of benefit to your practice? HealthPartners Management Group offers in addition to billing and collections, the service of coding by certified CPT coders.

Complete Billing Cycle Support

  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Cash Management
  • Collections
  • Denial Management
  • Eligibility
  • Fee Schedule Analysis
  • Patient Call Center
  • Patient Statements
  • Reimbursement Analysis
  • Training